Mix and Moisture Box

For mixing and keeping ceramic bodies and colors moist
Made of individual parts that are easy to clean and inexpensive to replace.

MFB 01 mixing and moisturizing box, plastic, 210x 100 mm, + various fabrics

How the Mix and Moisture Box works:

The preparation

The storage unit is placed in the box with the net facing up.
Approx. 150ml of demineralized water are added through the recess in the storage mat.
The work cloth is placed on the storage unit, it decouples the waterproof paper pad from the storage unit and at the same time ensures that the liquid is passed on and the paper pad is evenly moistened.
As soon as the water has penetrated everywhere, the box is ready for use.

Working with the MF-Box

The materials to be mixed are applied with the spatula.
They instantly soak up full of water to saturation and are then ready to be processed.
The specified amount of water is sufficient for several days.
The storage tank is full as soon as excess water is visible on the bottom of the box.
If the storage tank is under-saturation, add water via the above recess until excess water is visible again.

The cleaning of the MF-Box

First rinse all fabric parts from the back.
Vacuum the storage tank several times and squeeze it out carefully.
The paper is resistant up to 60 ° C, the remaining fabrics are resistant up to 80 ° C.
If necessary, clean the box with a gentle vinegar cleaner and rinse well.