Our products

For more than three decades we have been dealing with the processing and applications of various ceramic materials.
We specialize in the assembly of honeycomb ceramics and holding pins for use in dental laboratories.



We have the technology and the know-how to produce all conceivable forms of honeycomb ceramics for our customers.
Be it as a honeycomb firing carrier or as a catalyst carrier for laboratory and production operations.

We saw, mill, drill and cut, we connect, glue, impregnate and mix ceramic materials
and combine them with metals and silicate structure materials (such as fibers, foams, etc.).
The adhesive and coating compounds we use are in-house developments.

The Product Range

Firing Trays

Our ceramic firing trays (TETRAGO, OKTAGO, KYKLO) are made of cordierite honeycomb ceramic. This material is characterized by a particularly high resistance to temperature changes. In addition, we increase the mechanical resistance through silicate impregnation. -without any significant increase in mass! In this way, we keep our stabilized firing trays so light, despite their durability, that, due to this small, distributed mass, they only exert a slight thermal influence on their surroundings and thus the firing goods during operation.

Our Fiber Based Firing Tray accepts all common holding pins, even in an inclined position. Due to the use of the special material, no fine dust escapes

It is reversibly deformable and its dimensions can therefore be adapted to various matrices.

We deliver all of our firing trays in bulk and of course also packaged ready for sale as a set - with or without retaining pins.

Holding Pins, Bow Pins and Fourfingers Pins

Our SYRMA and KEMA retaining pin series are characterized by their robustness and low weight.
The Fourfingers Pin offers highest flexibility in use

Scale-free, high-temperature-resistant alloys are used here, as well as high-purity aluminum oxide for the KEMA retaining pins.

The materials used guarantee maximum service life with excellent functionality.

We deliver all of our retaining pins in sets made for our customers.


Mix and Moisture Box